About TribeDisco

I would like to tell you why TribeDisco hosting services are better than any other web host out there.

My name is Sean. I am a web programmer, internet marketer, creative thinker, and the sole owner of TribeDisco. My history is important because it is the foundation for why TribeDisco was created in the first place. It is also why I work so diligently to assure exceptional service to my clients and hosting customers.

Like many of you, my interest in the web started out as a simple hobby and a desire to experiment with HTML. I was working in manufacturing at the time. Lucky for me, there was a computer equipped learning center in the facility where I worked. One of the trainers became aware of my interest in HTML and introduced me to one of the system administrators who had also been expanding his knowledge in HTML. We started learning together and, over time, built a friendship.

It was a short time before we both needed to buy web hosting. We chose a company that is quite large now. In fact, you would know their name if I said it. To remain professional and not "bad mouth" the competition, I will not say their name. What I will tell you is that when I started my hosting account with that company ten years ago, they hosted about 200,000 domain names. Their service was incredible! I could not say enough good things about this company.

Over time the company hosted more and more domains. Today they host around 2 million domains. I watched this company grow from the inside out. What I was experiencing were things like more server downtime, 30 minute wait times for a customer service chat, and completely unqualified tech support. In fact, I had to basically teach their tier 1 support about the system for each call so that they could understand what I needed them to do.

The bottom line is this. As a developer, I have had the opportunity to experience all the big web hosts on a very in-depth level. I can honestly tell you that TribeDisco is a far better company than what they have become. Our focus on providing great service will never diminish in any way.